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Family Support

Hummingbird House recognises that family and community are fundamental to every family’s experience of caring for a child with a life-limiting condition, and that different families have access to different levels of support – with some experiencing severe disconnection, isolation and struggle.

Our interdisciplinary team of therapists, community development workers, spiritual and support staff are an integral part of the holistic approach we take when supporting your child and family. We even have a Chief Officer of Fun.

Our aim is to provide care and support to anyone who counts as family to your child. We find that many families define who is family for them in unique ways. As such, we individualize and tailor our care and support to meet the unique needs of your family, rather than offering a broad brush of services that are underpinned by the notion that what works for one family will work for every family.

At Hummingbird House, we find that many families we walk alongside are often navigating life with significant levels of uncertainty and complex challenges. As a child and family centred service, we position you as the expert in your life, and work with you to determining how our services may be helpful.

We believe that listening is key to this process, which we do from the first moment we meet your child and family. Listening and learning helps us understand what is working well, what could be a little better, and where you feel you need care and support.

Examples of some of the direct support services we offer include:

  • Helping you prioritise goals, such as memory making or advocating for your child’s care.
  • Individualised therapies such as counselling, art therapy or facilitated groups.
  • Support to help you navigate the health system.
  • Supported specialist referrals.
  • Specialist family support, especially as your child approaches end of life.
  • Grief and bereavement support following your child’s death.

Our team also works to identify, and resource existing community supports around your family to ensure you feel as connected and supported at home, as you do in our care.

If your child is eligible to receive our care and support, and you would like to explore how we can support you, please contact our Family and Community Support Team on 07 3621 4364 or email [email protected].