Hummingbird House
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Hummingbird House Brisbane

Hummingbird House Brisbane is a licensed private health care facility based in the bustling suburb of Chermside.

Our purpose-built facility has been thoughtfully designed to feel like a home away from home and comprises eight guest suites, five family accommodation suites, and a number of beautiful communal spaces.

These range from the heart of the House: our dining room, to our lush backyard, bright and welcoming arts and crafts space, and warm and cosy living room. These spaces allow families to come together, just as they would in their own home, but more importantly meet and get to know each other, which can create a unique support system between families.

For families wanting a more private experience, Hummingbird House provides plenty of quiet and peaceful spaces to allow families to pause, reflect and breathe. These include the personal living, dining and outdoor spaces in each of our family accommodation suites, our reflection deck and our rooftop area.

The House also has a number of spaces that cater to the unique needs of children and young people – our guests, such as our light and music filled multi sensory room, hydrotherapy pool, all abilities bathroom with its amazing spa bath, and all abilities backyard and playground that allow guests to connect with nature.

Hummingbird House is accredited to meet National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and NDIS Practice Standards and is supported by a multidisciplinary team of professionals that comprise paediatric palliative care nurse practitioners and nurses, paediatric palliative care consultants and medical professionals, a pharmacist, personal care workers, family support workers and allied health professionals, as well as a wonderful team of chefs, cooks, house keepers and carefully selected volunteers. Our services include short break stays, crisis or symptom management staysfamily supportallied healthend of life and after death care, and grief and bereavement support.

If you are caring for a child or young person that may be eligible to receive our care and support contact our Clinical Care Team on (07) 3621 4364 or via [email protected] to discuss their situation and learn more.