Hummingbird House
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Our services

Right now, families eligible to receive our care and support can access our services in the following ways:

Hummingbird House Brisbane

Hummingbird House Brisbane is a medically supported home away from home for Queensland families loving and caring for a child with a life-limiting condition. Our purpose-built, warm and welcoming space is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals who offer short break stays, crisis or symptom management staysfamily supportallied healthend of life and after death care, and grief and bereavement support. Hummingbird House Brisbane provides guests and families a place to come together, reconnect, and make memories to last a lifetime.

Family and Community Support

Hummingbird House recognises that family and community are fundamental to every family’s experience of caring for a child with a life-limiting condition, and that different families have access to different levels of support – with some experiencing severe disconnection, isolation and struggle. Our interdisciplinary team of therapists, community development workers and support staff work with families to increase their sense of connectedness and belonging – holding space for grief and joy in equal measure.