Hummingbird House
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Who we help

Hummingbird House provides care and support for children or young people with a life-limiting condition, who are not expected to live into adulthood as a result of their medical condition. As a child and family centred service, our care and support extends to a child/young person’s whole family, with specific programs designed to support parents/carers, siblings, grandparents, and more. Children and young people most likely to be accepted to our service include those with:

  • Life-threatening conditions, for which curative treatment has failed or lead to serious complications
  • Progressive conditions, for which there are no curative treatment options
  • Irreversible but non-progressive conditions causing severe disability, which lead to susceptibility to health complications that could result in death prior to adulthood
  • Children who have already died, but would have met the above criteria

Due to the high demand for our service we prioritise children who are fragile, with complex medical needs, who require a high level of healthcare support.

As a state based service, Hummingbird House is open to families from anywhere across Queensland, with services provided in person or via telehealth. Families don’t incur any out of pocket costs to receive our care and support and we strive to provide you with choice every step of the way.

Referrals to our service may be made by any health professional with a provider number, that is involved in your child’s care.

To learn more, or discuss your child’s eligibility for our service, contact our Clinical Care Team on (07) 3621 4364 or email [email protected].