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Natasja's story

Whenever Mick is asked about his ‘feisty’ daughter, Natasja, his love and admiration for her is obvious.

"She is much loved. By everyone who knows her. She can be feisty when she wants be, she certainly knows how to tell people off”, laughs Mick. “She is a wonderful soul, very content, happy little girl, who brings a lot of joy to the whole world.

Natasja has a condition that means her life is limited, but “she works around that”, says Mick. She has complex and high needs. “Coming to Hummingbird House means a lot to us. It’s a good space where we can interact together. We get the support we need, and like to receive there. Every time. The team there are not intrusive. They let us live our lives the way we want.”

A special memory for Mick and Natasja was when a brass ensemble came out from the Queensland Conservatorium to perform for them both on the rooftop terrace at Hummingbird House.

“That concert is the highlight for us. I was so grateful to see that such talented young musicians would give up their time to come and play for us in person. We both really enjoyed it. They personalised it just for us. It was perfect.”

According to Mick, Natasja enjoys “the entire experience at Hummingbird House”. Mick goes on to say that “it’s a very good place to be. It’s a safe environment, where all the staff have such a great attitude. Whoever employed them has done well. The whole team are perfect for the job.”

When asked what he would like the community to know about Hummingbird House, Mick replied “It’s a wonderful service. The need is so great. Not everyone can be helped, which is why we need more like it.”