Hummingbird House
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Abel's story

Imagine realising that your newborn boy’s bones are so soft, they break; and that his lungs are not fully developed. This is the reality for the McHugh family with their son Abel. His body doesn’t create the enzyme needed to make strong bones. He is kept alive because of a trial drug that seems to be working for him.


Abel is a charming, happy little boy who loves cars and music. “Well, anything with wheels, really. Wheels and music,” laughs his mum, Makeesha. “He adores being with people, being outside. He’s so social, and will put on a show for you”.

Staying at Hummingbird House means that the McHugh family can get away from their rural home in Nanango, and spend time together as a family. “As soon as we get there, we stop and relax. All of us. We can just breathe out. Hummingbird House means we can have quality time together as a family. We all just love it there. It also means we can get the help we need with Abel.”

“Both our boys love the chickens, and we love watching them play with them. We can just be a family that has fun together. But, our most favourite part of Hummingbird House is the xylophones in the garden. The whole family just love them. They are mesmerising. When we go down there and play them, we all just zone out and lose track of time. They sound so relaxing and lovely. We lie around on the deck there and think ‘what time is it?’ I don’t think you make a bad sound on them, even if you tried.”

“For us, Hummingbird House is such a great place. It’s got a great atmosphere that’s a bit hard to put into words. It’s such a positive place. It’s so high quality. You are surrounded by welcoming and kind hearted people.”

“Hummingbird House is such a great charity to donate to. If you are in a bad situation like we are, it’s good to know it’s there. It feels like you’ve come home. You are welcome the minute you arrive. For us, as a family, Hummingbird House is really important. The interactions we have with the nurses and the people who work there mean that Able has such a fat time. He really doesn’t care if we are there or not. I reckon we could drop him off and he’d be so happy, he wouldn’t miss us.”