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Paediatric palliative care

Paediatric palliative care focuses on enhancing a child or young person’s quality of life through a holistic lens, which considers their physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing. At Hummingbird House, we do this by acknowledging the diversity and uniqueness of each guest, and supporting them to live their life to the fullest at every point along their journey, not just at the end of life. This means that we walk alongside some families for a short period of time, and some families for many years, continuously adapting our care and support to meet their needs. It also means that a child or young person may still be receiving active treatment for their symptoms or condition, which we can support.

Our philosophy is that every family is different, and should therefore have a choice about when, where and how they receive our care and support. We therefore take the time to get to know a guest and their family, understand their needs and wishes, and tailor how we support them – with the aim of providing care, connection and support every step of the way.