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Hummingbird House @ Home

Hummingbird House @ Home is the community arm of our service that provides care and support to families in your home or community. This service is led by a Nurse Practitioner with the support of a Nurse Navigator and NDIS Clinical Nurse.

As a developing service, we are guided by the philosophy that every family deserves true choice about when, where and how we support them. Our aim is to make this a reality for families like yours, no matter where you live in Queensland.

Hummingbird House @ Home currently provides care and support to families in your home or community via NDIS funding or charitable funding.

Our NDIS services are being piloted across South East Queensland, with a plan to expand them across the state, using a staged approach, over the next two years.

Our charity funded services are prioritised for families whose children require end of life and after death care, and are provided across Queensland, in partnership with our Family and Community Support team.

All of these services are provided in-person or remotely via telehealth, depending on your family’s circumstances.

If your child is a current guest of Hummingbird House, or has been accepted to receive our care and support, explore what services are available to you in your home and community by contacting our Clinical Care Team on 07 3621 4364 or emailing [email protected].

If your child is not a guest of Hummingbird House, learn more about eligibility and referrals to our service.