Mikaela is self-described ‘free-spirit’, and started visiting Hummingbird House just after the service opened in 2016. Mikaela’s muscles don’t work properly, which means that she is not as independent as she would like to be. She enjoys playing Habbo as she can get online and interact with the gaming community. She also loves lasagne, which is almost always on the menu when she stays at Hummingbird House.

Coming to Hummingbird House means “being able to get away from everything. I can just relax, be more independent, and have the freedom I want to mature”, says Mikaela. “I just love being in the garden. It’s my favourite place to be. The garden at Hummingbird House is peaceful. I love to sit outside.”

“I also love the people at Hummingbird House. They are all so nice, I love being with them.”

“One of my favourite memories is when my sister and I were outside. We were each holding a chicken. Mine hopped up onto my shoulder, and clucked really loudly in my face. Then it hopped back down and pooped on me. We all just laughed and laughed at that. We couldn’t stop laughing!”
Watching her family enjoy themselves at Hummingbird House has helped Mikaela create memories of her own. Her most favourite is from the Christmas party. “My family loved dressing up in the funny costumes and playing around in front of the green screen. I thought they all looked so funny, I laughed and laughed at what they were doing. They were being so silly.”

For Mikaela, Hummingbird House is about helping kids with a disability and their families. “It makes a really big difference for kids like me and their families. It’s really important to me and kids like me. We can get there and be independent.”

Next time she visits, Mikaela plans on heading out to the garden, and listen to 21 Pilots ‘Heavydirtysoul’ really loudly. Probably with a chicken on her shoulder.