Coles-Hummingbird House Appeal

The results from the 2021 Coles Hummingbird House Appeal are in, and we’re proud to announce that this year, the passion and dedication of Coles Queensland staff and their communities raised a phenomenal $1 MILLION!

We are honoured to have a long-standing association with Coles Queensland, whose support ensures our specialised paediatric palliative care services continue to be accessible to the 5,700 babies, children and young people living with a life-limiting condition in Queensland. A heartfelt thank you to everyone that supported this year’s campaign, from all of us at Hummingbird House!

About the appeal

The Coles Hummingbird House Appeal is a community fundraiser, supported by Coles Queensland and their 183 stores across the state.

Since 2014, Coles Queensland has collectively raised over $3.4 million to support the expansion of our services, which provide vital support to Hummingbird House families.

From 15 September to 13 October 2021, Coles Queensland turned purple and green to raise much needed funds for Hummingbird House by holding in-store fundraisers and selling Hummingbird House tokens and merchandise. This year’s tokens were specially designed by four Hummingbird House families in remembrance of their child who is no longer with us, or in honour of their child who is living with a life-limiting condition.

During the Appeal, we introduced you to Matthew, Ricky, Rani and Mason’s families – whose stories were featured on this year’s tokens. If you missed them, please take the time to watch their videos below.

Thank you for supporting Hummingbird House over the past few weeks by digging deep and purchasing our specially designed tokens and Coles’ in-store fundraising activities.

Missed the Appeal? Make a donation now knowing that every dollar raised will support babies, children and young people with a life-limiting condition and their families.

Let’s be there for every family that needs us, and help them make every moment precious when time is short.

Meet this year’s families

Week #1: Meet Matthew, Emma and Roland’s funny, caring and determined son, whose love of soccer was a regular source of family banter. When Matthew was 15, he collapsed in the middle of a soccer game and was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, a rare brain tumour that affects the brain stem, and currently has no cure.

Matthew’s parents Emma and Roland were connected with Hummingbird House soon after his diagnosis, and it was there that they said their final goodbye to their son, who had a knack of making people laugh with his wicked sense of humour.

Week #2: Meet Ricky, Nicole’s sweet little boy, who used to light up a room with his cheeky smile. Ricky was born with a rare hereditary disorder called Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome, which usually affects multiple body systems, and in Ricky’s case, was life-limiting.

Nicole was connected with Hummingbird House when Ricky was 8 years old, and loved that her family could stay together during challenging times, knowing that their every need would be taken care of and that she could focus on making memories with her kids. Hummingbird House was also where she chose to be when Ricky died, allowing her to treasure her final days and moments with her sweet boy.

Week #3: Meet Rani, Steph and Rogan’s little warrior princess, and the apple of her big sister Millie’s eye.

When Rani was eight-months-old, she choked on a piece on mango, which resulted in her sustaining an extensive brain injury called Diffuse Hypoxic Ischemic Brain Injury. Within minutes, the Macdonald-Johnson family’s lives changed forever, and the family found themselves in Brisbane, far away from home, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Steph and Rogan were connected with Hummingbird House during this time, and were able to come together and re-learn what their what their new life and new normal looked like. Today, the family continues to receive care and support in their home, and enjoy stays at the House, helping them navigate the ups and downs of living with a child with a life-limiting condition.

Week #4: Meet Mason, Renee and Adam’s superhero, who was a little fighter and overcame every challenge he faced to live past his second birthday.

At 9-weeks-old, Renee and Adam learnt that Mason had holes in his heart and required surgery to fix it. The surgery went well, but during a second surgery to fix a complication, Mason went into cardiac arrest and sustained cerebral ischaemia, a brain injury from a lack of oxygen to his brain.

Renee and Adam were connected with Hummingbird House during this time, where they spent many days and many weeks connecting as a family and making memories with their beautiful little boy. Hummingbird House also supported Mason’s family during and after his death, and the family remain deeply connected to the service today.


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