You may have noticed that the hummingbird in our logo looks a bit different. It now has a gentle flourish of a tail behind it, as it takes flight right beside our name.

We wanted to give the hummingbird more of a lift, a greater sense of direction; as we begin the final stages of the house and get ready to welcome Queensland families through our doors, we wanted the hummingbird to serve as a welcoming embrace at a time when it is most needed.

The hummingbird is a purposeful and significant representation of the heartbeat of Hummingbird House. There are many things about this tiny, fragile, luminous bird that echo the story of children with a life-limiting condition.

Across many cultures, the hummingbird symbolises the expression of love, the lightness of being, and the presence of joy. Often depicted as a messenger between words, its ethereal nature reminds us to celebrate the sweetness of life in the present moment.

Hummingbirds live on the precipice of time. Each day they travel great distances, moving swiftly in all directions in search of the nectar that will sustain them for one more day. Their lives, much like their tiny bodies, seem suspended in mid-air – existing moment to moment in the hum of rapidly beating wings. Hummingbirds teach us that, though the complexity of life can sometimes feel immense, we have the ability to lift up and accomplish great things.

Mayan legend says that the hummingbird is the sun in disguise, trying to impress the moon. It’s characteristic bright plumage and exotic colouration is only revealed when the light hits its wings. By a mere shift of its position and a ray of light, the colours of a hummingbird can be transformed from grey, to fiery red or vivid green. It shows us that the beauty and spark of life can be nuanced and unexpected.

In some ways, children living with a life-limiting condition may also seem suspended in time. Every moment of discovery and joy is precious; every milestone and lesson is momentous. Their own life’s song is composed by the ‘hum’ that they and their family create as they make the most of the time they have together.

And like a ray of light that transforms the prism of colour, the life of a child who comes to Hummingbird House is not one devoid of richness and beauty. Rather, it is touched by purpose and by meaning; it may be small, but it creates a hum that is special in its brevity – just like the life of the little hummingbird.