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27 05, 2017

The McHugh Family

Imagine realising that your newborn boy’s bones are so soft, they break; and that his lungs are not fully developed. This is the reality for the McHugh family with their son Abel. His body doesn’t create the enzyme needed to make strong bones. He is kept alive because of a trial drug that seems to be working for him.


26 05, 2017

Mick and Natasja

Whenever Mick is asked about his ‘feisty’ daughter, Natasja, his love and admiration for her is obvious. “She is much loved. By everyone who knows her. She can be feisty when she wants be, she certainly knows how to tell people off”, laughs Mick. “She is a wonderful soul, very content, happy little girl, who brings a lot of joy to the whole world.”


25 05, 2017


Mikaela is self-described ‘free-spirit’, and started visiting Hummingbird House just after the service opened in 2016. Mikaela’s muscles don’t work properly, which means that she is not as independent as she would like to be. She enjoys playing Habbo as she can get online and interact with the gaming community. She also loves lasagne, which is almost always on the menu when she stays at Hummingbird House.


24 05, 2017

The Coopers

When it came time for Brad and Mel Cooper to say goodbye to their adored 2 year old son Cody, they knew they wanted him to receive care at the end of his life at Hummingbird House. Cody was born prematurely, with hydrocephalus, spastic quadriplegia and an inoperable brain cyst.  He showed himself to be more engaged with his surroundings than first thought.  Mel spoke of her quiet amusement when people underestimated her “cheeky little man”. “He could move situations to suit himself. He was very clever like that.”


23 05, 2017

The McKinnons

Madelyn is a very cheeky 4 year old little girl with the best personality. She’s basically non verbal with a few words and some key signs, but has a talent for getting her message across in her own way. All with the most infectious smile and giggle.

Madelyn brings immense joy to her mum Melissa, dad Marcus, siblings Mason, Alexander, Keira, Riley,Lachlan, Samuel, and all who know her through her laughter, uncomplicated love and rich glimpses into a different reality. “She has, and always will dance to the beat of her own drum”, says Melissa.


22 05, 2017

The Bakkers

Rory is a bright, happy boy who had a stroke when he was in the womb. This, coupled with some infections, means that his brain has been badly effected. He has seizures and other very complex health problems.

Kaitlin speaks with much love about her happy, smiley boy who just loves coming to Hummingbird House, because it is a place where he ‘feels safe and has fun’.