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16 02, 2015

The Engwirdas

Mark and Fiona Engwirda are one of thousands of Queensland families who have loved and lost a child to a life-limiting condition. They understand the urgent need for a children's hospice in Queensland.

“We were in a hospice in New South Wales when we kissed Kate, told her we loved her, and said goodbye. We had travelled over 1,000 kilometres to that hospice, because there was nowhere for us to go in Queensland. Hummingbird House will change that.”

16 02, 2015

The Waddells

Natalie and Gordon Waddell have a first hand understanding of the need for Hummingbird House. Their son Tommy has IP36 Deletion Syndrom. Due to the nature of Tommy’s condition his lifespan is unknown.

The Waddell's journey is one that is shared by thousands of families in Queensland.

“When you receive the diagnosis, all normality and certainty in your life is gone. We want to give Tommy the best quality of life possible, and be the parents he deserves, but it’s hard."