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26 09, 2014

Emma Clark

The day her first son was born was the same day Emma Clark was told that he would not survive.

A premature labour, a rural location and health complications meant that her newborn son Khy was whisked away from her before she had a chance to hold him. Hospital staff said he would pass away within hours. Khy held on for eleven days.

"You go into a hospital with all your hopes and dreams, and your life can change in an instant. "

26 09, 2014

Rachel Clune

Rachel Clune was worried that she wasn’t wealthy enough, or influential enough to make a real contribution to building Hummingbird House. “I thought ‘What could I possibly do? I’m not Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey, I’m just an ordinary Australian.”

As it turns out, everyday Australians can do quite a lot. Rachel inspired the Coles $2 donation card campaign, which to date has raised over $220,000 with another campaign scheduled for later in 2015.

26 09, 2014

Rebecca Bell-Fuller

Rebecca Bell-Fuller spent the last six months of her pregnancy with her daughter in a state of fear, doubt and uncertainty after scans indicated a serious brain abnormality.

Grateful her daughter was born happy and healthy Rebecca has fostered a mini-community of runners of all fitness levels who come together to raise awareness and funds to build Hummingbird House for families in need.