Thank you to everyone who supported the 2020 Coles-Hummingbird House campaign! We’re thrilled to announce that in 2020, Coles and YOU our community of supporters, raised over $550,000 in support of Hummingbird House.

The Coles-Hummingbird campaign is a Queensland initiative that is supported by every Coles store across the state, and has raised over $2.5 million since it began in 2014.

From September 16 to October 13, 2020, Queenslanders right across the state were able to purchase a $2 token at every Coles checkout, of which 100% of proceeds we donated to Hummingbird House.

The 2020 campaign tokens featured the artwork of four Hummingbird House families, whose stories are shared below. We thank these families for their generosity in sharing their stories with us. And we thank our Coles family across the state, for getting behind us once again, and raising funds for the amazing families we walk alongside.

Thank you Coles and our wonderful Queensland community!

The stories behind this year’s tokens

Coles Campaign Image_6


Leo was a beautiful, laid back, cheeky soul, who could express himself easily, even without words. When he was happy he would beam with a huge smile and chat in his own way. And if you were doing something he didn’t like, he’d let you know immediately too! Leo’s needs were complex, but his wants were very simple. One of his favourite activities was to lay on a soft blanket with his switch toys and listen to music or the TV. He was mostly tube fed but, not unlike his Mum, had an obsession with all things chocolate. He absolutely adored mousse and his face would light up with obvious glee as soon as the spoon reached his mouth. He loved lots of noise around, especially music and the sounds of people talking. 

“We cherished our time at Hummingbird House as there were so many people to talk and listen to, and he enjoyed being amongst the bustle after our sometimes quiet days at home.”

Leo’s token was painted by his big sister, Frances, big brother, Sam, and mum, Megan, using his hand prints.

“Leo completed our family in ways I struggle to describe. He gave us and taught us so much and opened our hearts in ways I couldn’t have fathomed before he was born.”

Make a donation to Hummingbird House and support families like Leo’s today.

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Lara is a cruisy 11 year old, that’s always happy to go with the flow, unless she hasn’t received enough cuddles, then her family hears about it! Even though Lara is unable to communicate verbally, she’s more than able to get her “words” heard and needs met through a series of vocalisations that range from happy to moany.

“We first found out about Hummingbird House through friends who were involved with its beginnings. We helped with input and fundraising as we loved the whole concept of the beautiful space that it is. We have loved staying there with Lara and having Lara stay independently from us. The level of care and whole nurturing atmosphere of the House makes it such a beautiful place to stay.”

Lara’s token was drawn by her big sister Lexi and painted with the assistance of her mum, Madonna. Though occassionally referred to as a bit of a trouble maker, Lara’s favourite thing to do is snuggle, she would snuggle all day, everyday, if she could.

Make a donation to Hummingbird House and support families like Lara’s today.

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Emily was diagnosed with a life-limiting condition at 20 weeks gestation, and was born at 36 weeks. She and her family arrived at Hummingbird House on the afternoon of her last day, where she died that night, aged 2 days.

“I am grateful that we got to spend our last moments together in such a beautiful place. We will never forget the generosity and support we received, and still receive, from Hummingbird House. We have been to their open days every year since she died, as a way to feel closer to her and retrace our steps during our last moments with her. Visiting Hummingbird House also helps keep Emily’s memory alive for her siblings Amara and Ryan.”

Emily’s token was painted by her big sister Amara, a cheeky 4-year old that loves playing with dolls, reading books, painting, and playing with her dog Ollie and little brother Ryan. Amara doesn’t remember a lot about Emily, but says that Emily died, and is in heaven, and she misses her.

Make a donation to Hummingbird House and support families like Emily’s today.

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Abbey is a bright and sassy 15 year old, who loves cuddles, Adele and Katy Perry, getting messy with paint, and getting her toenails painted.

Abbey’s family was referred to Hummingbird House two years ago, which was a life changing experience.

“It was the first time in 13 years that we, as a family, could be together and play as a family. For the first time, our life didn’t revolve around seizures, medications or hospitals. Just being together.” 

 Abbey’s token was a family effort, assisted by her brothers Daniel, Nathan, and Alistair. Abbey and the boys love chilling in the backyard at Hummingbird House, splashing together in the heated pool, and enjoying the delicious treats whipped up in our kitchen.

Make a donation to Hummingbird House and support families like Abbey’s today.